Someone dropped off a cooler full of marijuana at a Goodwilll

Someone took the concept of “goodwill” to the extreme recently when they donated a cooler full of marijuana to the Goodwill in Monroe, Washington.

Thecooler contained 3.75 pounds of marijuana, with an estimated street value of around $24,000, depending on, you know, how dank dem nugs is.

Washington is actually one of the few states where marijuana is legal for personal use. Possession of up to one ounce for personal use carries no criminal charge, and public consumption is only a maximum fine of $100. Of course, since we’re talking about roughly sixty times that much, whoever dropped off the cooler would be wise to steer clear of that Goodwill for the time being.

Monroe police, who are totally refusing to be cool about this, are currently reviewing surveillance footage from the store to see if they can identify the person or persons who donated the cooler which, it should be noted, looks like a pretty nice one.

It seems like this hasto be either a person who got too high and grabbed the wrong cooler to donate, or a grandmother who was trying to help by cleaning out the garage… and was possibly also high.

Those are the most likely possibilities but let’s not overlook other less likely, but still totally possible, options:

  • Theymeant to donate this weed as they know how boring it is to work at Goodwill
  • This is the clever way the distributor gets his product to his dealer who works at Goodwill. Unfortunately, Todd forgot to mention he was taking the day off.
  • It’s an early April Fools prank and those bags are full of oregano, super glue, and red thread.
  • Wife said to donate the cooler full of heroin and her husband got confused.
  • Weed fairy.

If this your cooler, the Monroe police department would like to let you know that you are welcome to drop by the station at any time to claim it. Make sure to bring a photo ID and any other illegal substances you happen to havearound the house.



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