A rabbi, a priest, and an atheist smoke marijuana and talk about religion

You might rememberCut from a video it released a few years ago that depicted three grandmothers smoking marijuanatogether. To date that video has nearly 27 million views and has spawned an entire series called Strange Buds. It includes episodes like former cops smoking weed together, parents smoking with their kids, and even a Trump, a Stein, and Clinton supporter hitting a bong.

Now Cut has revamped everyone’s favorite joke premise and invited a priest, a rabbi, and an atheist to enjoy some some pot together. The results are hilarious, enlightening and, at times, downright sweet.

The Rabbi is Jim Mirel and he begins the video by saying he’s there to “Experience one of God’s creations.” The priest isRev. Chris Schuller, who madewaves a year ago when he created a pro-marijuana video and posted it toFacebook. The atheist is a self-described “conservative homosexual” named Carlos.

Once the gentlemen are good and stoned, the stories start to come out. Carlos begins by saying at the age of 14 his priest denied his conformation because he had engaged in “homosexual acts,” and he was then excommunicated from this church. This leadto him questioning not only religion, but the existence of God. At one point, he’s visibly upset and demands “Why are there 37,000 kids dying every day? That’s not miraculous!”

screengrab via WatchCut Video/YouTube

After his story,Rabbi Mirel says that although Carlos might not believe in God per se, he seems to be a spiritual person who has faith in some sort of higher power, and to this, Carlos agrees.

Lest you think this is a video where two old guys try to convince a young man to come back to the church, the conversation feels much more like a freeform discussion about universal truth and the nature of God, so like basically the same shit everyone talks about when they’re super high.

One of the best moments occurs when Mirel is informed that he’s been holding a joint forever and someone finally asks if he needs a light. This cracks up Schuller and Carlos, and it’s a nice reminder that, oh yeah, these guys are really really stoned.

Schuller has perhaps his most enlightened moment when he says “Maybe this will work for all of us. Just think of God as all things true, knowing we don’t know all things.”

At this point, a twist is introduced and we find out it’s Ash Wednesday, which leads to Schuller using ash from their joints to put a cross on Carlos’s forehead. Unbeknownst to him, Schuller indulges in one of the most stereotypical stoner clichs when he gets super excited about the beautiful color of the ash.

Carlos returns the favor and gives Schuller a cross and, for good measure, Mirel gives Schuller a Carlos both a traditional Jewish blessing.

In the end, no one converts anyone, but the three men certainly walk away with something to think about and a perhaps a new set of friends. Add to this a butt load of free weed, and it’s not a bad day’s work.

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