Smoking marijuana and driving: 33% of #Teens think it’s legal. Some think it isn’t dangerous

Most smokers dont quit smoking the first time they try. Most go through the process three or four times before they can kick their addiction and habit for good. When you do succeed you should be very proud of yourself. You deserve a special reward. Your family and friends will celebrate your success because they know you have accomplished a very difficult task. Over a third of teens think smoking marijuana and driving is legal, according to a new study. Out of 2,800 teens surveyed, 33% said driving under the influence of marijuana is legal in states where it’s recreational. More than 20% of teens reported it’s … Each withdrawal symptom is powerful and difficult to endure. At times you feel that the only way to get over them is to smoke- just one. If you succumb and slide, then it is doubly difficult to restart the pilgrimage to the smoke-free zone.