Caller Reports Suspicious Car, Marijuana Bust Made

Smoking is more common in older children and adolescents. A quarter of young fifteen years are regular smokers. There is a higher rate among girls. Finally, nutritional status may be affected because smoking increases the burden of free radicals in the body. BEACHWOOD, OH — Police had a busy week. Officers got involved in a custody dispute, busted a driver for possession of marijuana and dealt with a variety of other incidents. For more details on those incidents, keep reading. (To stay up to date on these … If you look at the history of smoking it certainly goes back a long way. It seems that tobacco was harvested as long ago as 3000 BC or even earlier, probably in South America. The practice of incense burning and use of tobacco worked its way into various civilisations as part of ritual practices. From there it began to be taken up for pleasure and as a social tool. It probably spread to Northern America and then across to Europe where the practice became widespread.