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vaporizers like these ego vapes

vaporizers like these ego vapes


Back in the late 2000’s, the concept of electronic smoking was still just a trend – the idea was creating buzz, and there were some believers in the products from day one, but the movement was still in infancy. Skip forward to the modern day and electronic smoking, or “”vaping”” as it’s preferably known, is becoming an increasingly common sight. E-cig and vape pen brands are taking over the cigarette market and can be seen on TV, billboards, featured in editorials in newspapers and magazines, and more importantly – are now visible online and in major stores world wide. It is now officially a phenomenon that has caught the attention of many looking for a cleaner, healthier option when it comes to smoking.

However, technology changes. New products quickly evolve and become superior, more efficient, and more cost effective.

This change for the electronic cigarette industry is the vape pen. The vape pen shares many similarities with the electronic cigarette, but with a few key upgrades that really enhance the experience for the user. The vape pen is a product that allows the user to choose their e-liquid and pour it directly into the atomizer (for newcomers, we’ll discuss what an atomizer is, along with other terminology, later in the article) which saves the user money in costly disposable cartridges.

Additionally, the atomizer can be used for a range of liquids (oils, for example) and dried herbs which truly allows for a unique, hands on experience for the customer. A great comparison in understanding the difference between vape pens and electronic cigarettes is as follows: vape pens are much like the Android platform, while e-cigs are like Apple’s IOS. Android, like the vape pen, wants the user to have as much freedom to experiment as possible, while Apple’s format is about constricting the user-base to products that return profit to them.

The advantages of vape pens don’t stop with the versatile atomizer, it extends to a range of user friendly features that start with one key principle: quality, durable manufacturing. Vape pens last much longer from a power point of view, the pens are typically a little larger and bulkier (approximately the same as a thicker ballpoint pen) but this allows for larger, stronger batteries.

While there are many top quality e-cig products, the market is now so saturated that many brands are not up to par and cut back on things like battery life, leaving the user disappointed. For many newcomers, they may opt to test out the world of vaping by choosing a cheaper, inferior product, and this would be a shame for the uninitiated to be put off before they have even begun to enjoy what this industry has to offer. This is why vape pens are such a good choice for newbies as well as experienced vapers. The vape pen is all about putting the user in the drivers seat and letting them explore the world with top shelf manufacturing and limitless options.

Making The Switch to Smokeless Just Makes Sense

In theory, electronic cigarettes and vape pens don’t compete for market shares – both offer a similar experience and both have much more competition with the traditional tobacco industry. However, this may not always be the case.

Recent research seems to indicate that there’s a growing popularity geared towards the vape pen model, a trend that will either coerce the e-cig businesses to change their product accordingly or stick with what they have in an effort to win the battle.



The truth is, however, many e-cig companies have been touting the concept of a user controlled, versatile vaping product for some time, so it would come as little surprise to find many of the leading players start putting their brand focus on vape pens.

The word from internet forums dedicated to vaping is that seasoned users are investing in high quality vape pens for many reasons, but also for the modification potential. Vape pens are versatile in their structure and allow for easy but radical personal modifications.

This potential appeals to users, but also to businesses who will be able to recoup sales lost through disposable cartridge refills with mod equipment and supplies.


Side by Side Comparison – Putting an e-cigarette next to a vape pen reveals their differences


Due to the interest from tobacco smokers in electronic smoking, the e-cig industry adapted to this potential market by making their products resemble traditional cigarettes. This allows ex-smokers to make the transition without feeling self-conscious about the way their vaping device looks. However, some argue that this is a backwards mentality that reinforces the tobacco brand, and that the vaping world should embrace a new, modern style of branding. Vape pens tend to have their own distinct look, often in darker shades such as black charcoal (although many colors are available, as well as many personal skins) and take on a thicker body. For some, this may not be a plus point if they want to blend in with other smokers. However, for those looking for a modern, stylish looking device with improved performance and quality, the vape pen’s style should be embraced as the future.

In terms of portability, the e-cig has the advantage in that they are typically the same size as a traditional cigarette. However, vape pens aren’t exactly difficult to carry around. They quite easily fit inside the pocket of cargo pants, inside a purse, or the pocket on a shoulder bag. The size shouldn’t be an issue for anybody.
Cost Comparisons

While the cost comparison between e-cigs and traditional cigarettes may be eye opening, the cost comparison between e-cigs and vape pens is even more astonishing. Many e-cig brands ask you to purchase disposable cartridges that slide inside the body of the electronic cigarette and are then disposed when the e-liquid runs out. Vape pens have an atomizer that is built into the pen and is the fuel tank for a range of liquids, although most commonly it is used for e-liquid. Disposable cartridges cost somewhere in the region of $35 for about a month of vaping for a light to moderate user. Vape pen users can source e-liquids and oils from a range of stores (both online and in the physical world) at a much cheaper rate. Then when you factor in how much more efficiently a vape pen atomizes the liquid, the savings really start to look impressive.

For newcomers, the terminology associated with vaping and vape pens can seem confusing, and the anatomy of these products looks even more alien. These things need not be overly complicated, however, as while the technology is advanced, the basic function is easy enough to understand. Let’s first take a look at the battery: the battery is typically a lithium battery that provides power to the atomizer so that it can heat and release vapor from the liquid contained within. The battery is very important as determines how long the product will last before needing to be recharged, but it also determines the general degree of power at any one moment. If the battery is too weak, the strength of the vape will suffer, even at full charge. Fortunately, most vape pens come equipped with fantastically powerful batteries that hold a strong charge, and can be relied on to provide consistent power to the atomizer.

The next important thing to understand is the atomizer itself. Some e-cig companies use a ‘cartomizer’ which is a cartridge that has the functionality of an atomizer build in. This is convenient in some ways, but impractical in others. Vape pens stick with the versatile built to last atomizer model. The atomizer is a chamber that stores liquid, the chamber then receives power from the battery to heat up, and as the e-liquid heats up, it releases vapor.
Switching From Tobacco

There has been much discussion about the pros and cons of switching from tobacco to electronic cigarette options, many people say that the pros of vaping are clear by the lack of cons associated with tobacco smoking. However, some argue that there hasn’t been enough research into vaping to really understand the potential risks. Despite this, studies have been carried out by leading research facilities that strongly indicated that vaporizers offer far fewer risks, and the clarity of the ingredients used in e-liquids is a huge bonus. Most e-liquids are very natural, only using a harmless stabilizer in the formula to keep the vape experience fresh and consistent.

Vape pens offer even more potential for the user to be healthier – vape pen atomizers allow for essential oil vaping, as well as dried herbs which many believe can offer serious medical advantages.

However, as previously mentioned, the advantage of using a vape pen compared to a tobacco cigarette is made obvious by the lack of negatives. Tobacco smoking releases chemicals that have been released via combustion and are proven to be harmful to children as well as adults. Tobacco smoke has many well known health dangers, but this doesn’t even account for the issues it raises in terms of smell and staining. Tobacco smoke stains the teeth, the mouth, walls, carpet, clothes and the smell lingers for days, weeks or even years.

The vape pen experience is very different. E-liquids contain authentic flavorings that replicate certain tastes (even a tobacco flavor) and when this liquid is heated, the vapor is pleasant smelling, does not stain or linger, and poses far fewer risks. In terms of cost, health, and quality, the vape pen wins over the traditional tobacco cigarette on just about every level.

The durability of vape pens really sets them apart from other products on the market. They feel sturdy and well built in your hand, which is always a good sign of a high quality product. The real quality test, however, comes in the use, and vape pens do not disappoint. Most users say that their first vape experience with a vape pen is like a whole new world. The consistent strength of the vapor being inhaled really brings the flavor alive and brings deficiencies associated with electronic cigarettes to light. Many proclaim that they were so used to the inconsistent power issues with electronic cigarette brands that they simply became used to it, but are now avid vape pen users simply because they are so consistent from a power point of view, but also in terms of flavor.

The electronic cigarette model is built around reeling the customer back for more purchases. Whether it’s cartridges, batteries, charging accessories, modifications, some users question if the product they get in their starter kit is really up to grade. Without question, there are some very high quality electronic cigarette brands on the market, but it has become so popular that there are also quite a lot of inferior brands trying to make a buck as popularity soars. These companies will deliberately include poor quality batteries in their starter kits so that the user will return to their store to buy replacements. Additionally, if it’s a business that targets first time vape enthusiasts, they may skimp on e-liquid quality knowing the customer doesn’t know any better.

Vape pens allow the customer to make the experience as good as they possibly can. There’s no relying on poor batteries and weak cartridges, it’s just a sturdy machine that’s ready for action. All the customer has to do is find a high quality e-liquid or oil. Fortunately, many vape pen businesses do offer their own line of e-liquids, which can be convenient when ordering all at once. That said, it’s always a good idea to look around for the option that best suits the individual needs of the customer. The vape pen allows for that unique, personalized experience – but that’s just the tip of the ice berg.

‘Mods’ as they are affectionately known among vape pen users allow the vape enthusiast to really go above and beyond in tailoring their experience down to their exact needs. For instance, there is room to remove the battery in place and install a bigger, more powerful one. It should be noted that most people are very satisfied with the power a vape pen battery offers, but there’s always going to be the few that want to take their potential to the extreme. On top of battery expansion, the atomizer itself can be customized in a range of ways. It can be swapped out for a bigger tank to hold more liquid (although it should be noted that most vape pens already hold more liquid than most e-cig brands, and they heat more efficiently too) as well as a battery/atomizer combo that heats at varying temperatures for lighter or stronger vape experiences.

There are also many skins available for vape pens, which really helps the customer feel like the product is a personalized experience. And when you consider how long these things last, it’s always a good idea to make it feel like an extension of your personality for every day use.
The Practicalities of a Vape Pen

For those have you that have had a bad experience with an electronic cigarette starter kit, there’s probably a pretty good chance those bad experiences involved poor battery life, inconsistent strength when vaping, and expensive refills. Unfortunately, that’s the trap many newcomers fall into – they wrongly assume that any one e-cig starter kit is as good as another, and perhaps they don’t even consider the possibility of a vape pen starter kit. They should – vape pens and vape pen starter kits may not look quite as user friendly straight out of the box, but in practice they are every bit as efficient and high quality as the very best traditional electronic cigarette brand.

The reality of using a vape pen during day to day life can be summed up in a few key ways. If the customer enjoys taking breaks at work to vape, this means that they are relying on the battery to hold a charge throughout their working day, which is 9 to 5 and even longer for others. What if they only had time to charge the battery for 20 minutes that morning? Would a cheap e-cig battery stand that test? Probably not, but a vape pen probably would. Of course, it depends on how often it is being used and how much power was in the battery during the brief charge, but every single time the chances of a vape pen standing tall and being reliable are very high. Many vape pen users say one of the key reasons they now exclusively use vape pens is that they love how reliable the battery is, not to mention how consistent the atomizer is. It’s comparable to the first time you start using a new phone with a very strong battery, constant amazement at how long lasting it is.

The atomizer in a vape pen typically holds more e-liquid as the customer will refill the tank themselves, they won’t be relying on a cartridge that needs to be installed and then thrown away. The vape pen atomizer is able to hold a lot of liquid and is nearly always more than enough for several days of vaping for even moderate to heavy vape enthusiasts. On top of this, the atomizer can be modified to hold even greater amounts of liquid, as well as modifications that revolve around heat and strength. This truly is an experience that zeroes in on what the customer wants, needs and will ultimately get.
Beyond the Basic Price Comparisons

Okay, so we’ve looked at how vape pen costs compare to the cost of regular tobacco cigarettes and electronic cigarettes. However, it’s time to go a little deeper into this cost analysis and a little further down the road. We’ve established that refilling the atomizer in a vape pen offers superior cost efficiency, but what about the costs associated with replacement parts? Well, that’s where vape pens really start saving the customer money. Even pretty good electronic cigarettes will tend to need battery replacements long before a vape pen battery will need to be replaced. Then, there’s the issue of build quality. Some electronic cigarettes simply look flimsy, and probably won’t stand up to the every day use for very long. When one starts to fall apart, does the customer replace the battery? Replace the cracked exterior skin? Or simply replace the entire product? Vape pens are designed to last and that much is immediately apparent when you first hold one in your hand.

If, somewhere down the road, one part of the vape pen were to fail, the replacement would not be too costly and it wouldn’t certainly feel worthwhile after all the months and years of good quality use the vape pen has provided. To make another comparison, it’s a similar concept to buying a fixing up cars. People are far less likely to shell out $500 on a repair for a cheap car that’s likely to break down again in a week. Conversely, shelling out $500 on a high performance vehicle that has provided years of service and is still in great shape is a no-brainer. The vape pen is a high performance vehicle in every sense of the word.

What You Can Learn More Of On Grass Lounge

To summarize, vape pens offer a valuable thing in this modern age: a durable product that offers consistent quality. They are superior in most cases to most electronic cigarette brands, and are vastly superior to traditional tobacco brands for a whole host of reasons, but notably in terms of health. They also offer the rare option to spend less and receive more in return. While the investment may be higher than purchasing a pack of tobacco cigarettes, each passing day the savings will continue to pile up. Vape pens may not follow the trends in terms of aesthetics, but that’s because they’re more interested in starting their own style and offering what others can’t.

The word on the street (or perhaps more accurately: the word on the internet community forums) seems to indicate that vape pens are the future of vaping. It’s hard to disagree with that increasingly growing sentiment when you look at all the pros associated with vape pens. It’s interesting to note that the real hardcore enthusiasts have been spearheading this change; within technological circles, it’s nearly always the dedicated that inspire change across the marketplace. All signs currently point towards vape pens being the vape experience of the future.”

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